How do you make potato bread from scratch?

Ingredients: 12 ounce

(s); 475 ml (l) of milk; 2 teaspoons of salt; 1 teaspoon of sugar; 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and more to grease the pans. The detachable cheese bread requires only 3 ingredients. Grease a bowl with olive oil. Add the dough and turn it inside the bowl so that all sides are lightly greased.

Cover the bowl and let the dough rise for 1 to 2 hours, until it doubles in volume. Placing it in the warmest place in the kitchen helps it go up.

Potato bread

is like traditional white bread, but with mashed potatoes added to replace some of the flour. I'll try to improve the recipe and add more notes for future bread makers, but overall it's a very easy recipe that always comes out great.

I wasn't sure if the recipe called for just mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes finished with milk, butter, etc. While the bread is still hot in the pan, use a blunt kitchen knife and run it around the edges of the pan, between the pan and the bread to detach the breads from the pan. My original potato bread recipe said that you could form 2 small loaves out of the dough instead of 1 big one. It's a pretty forgiving recipe, and in my experience, the amount of potatoes shouldn't be the problem.

I just made this bread, followed the recipe to the letter and now it's sitting like a big lump in a bowl. This thick potato bread has a nice, moist crumb and tastes fresher and more delicious than potato rolls from grocery stores. With all the artisanal breads available in the markets today, it's surprising that someone would make their own bread. If the mashed potatoes are well seasoned, it's best to reduce the amount of salt in the recipe.

FLOUR In this recipe, all-purpose white flour is used, since it is baked until the perfect texture is obtained with the potatoes. Enjoy this recipe for potato bread with strawberry jam, butter with honey, or serve your bread warm with this incredible bread sauce. Because potatoes contain certain nutrients, this type of bread is better for you than regular white bread. It works great in a bread machine.

Use the DOUGH cycle, don't bake it in the bread machine, bake it in your oven.

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