Is sweet potato bread good for diabetics?

The amount of starch in quick-digested sweet potato bread is significantly lower than that in traditional bread, Janaswamy said. This change in starch content makes sweet potato bread a good choice for diabetics, as glucose is released more slowly. Sweet potato bread contained more resistant starch and less rapidly digestible starch. Tubers such as sweet potatoes have been a dietary staple for centuries and sweet potatoes certainly contain beneficial nutrients.

Studies have shown that sweet potato extract reduces hyperinsulinemia (high insulin levels) by up to 50% and may also help reduce insulin resistance and improve glucose tolerance. Replacing sweet potato puree with up to 50% of wheat flour in bread can produce bread with good levels of vitamin A precursors, low starch digestibility and good for intestinal health. Baking sweet potatoes changes the composition of the carbohydrates they contain, which makes the potato taste extremely sweet and increases the sugar content. Okay, sweet potato is a little better than white potato varieties, but it's still not like a carrot, which has only 20 GIs and is packed with fiber (1.7 g) and low in carbohydrates (6 g per medium carrot).

Since you'll most likely want to lower your blood sugar and A1c levels, a quick way to do this is to eliminate foods high in carbohydrates: potatoes (including sweet potatoes), pasta, rice and bread. However, it is sweet potato extract, so the subjects (rats in this case) were not exposed to the large amount of carbohydrates provided by sweet potatoes, which would undoubtedly mitigate these positive benefits. That's the simple equation, but keep reading to discover nutrition facts, potato comparisons, and research on sweet potatoes for diabetes and prediabetes. The breads underwent a series of tests to determine the availability of vitamin A in bread and the digestibility of starch.

Similar studies on potatoes have shown that when potatoes are cooked and cooled and eaten cold or overheated, the GI value is reduced. The amount of carbohydrates isn't the only reason to avoid sweet potatoes (and potatoes in general).

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