When did potato bread originate?

According to the wonderful Food Timeline website, potato breads have existed since the mid-18th century.

Potato bread

: as the name suggests, it is the type of bread that is prepared by combining wheat flour with a part of potato. Some recipes insist on using the maximum amount of potatoes, however, others may require fewer potatoes and more flour. In addition, the use of potatoes varies greatly in all of these recipes, as some potato bread preparations may require mashed potatoes, but others may require flaked potatoes, etc.

Without potatoes, Ireland turned more to soda breads baked with more soft wheat from Ireland instead of potatoes. Potato bread goes by many regional names, such as slims, fadge, potato cake, potato farls and pan tatie in Ireland. However, both soda breads and French fries share the use of baking powder (baking soda) as a leavening agent instead of yeast. Potato bread is commercially available in the United States as a light, airy bread very similar to regular mass-produced white bread, but with a yellow tint, a thicker texture, and a slight potato flavor.

Following the requirements of the basic recipe, ingredients such as milk, mashed potatoes, sugar, butter, all-purpose flour, dry yeast, warm water and salt are used in the preparation of bread. Brazilian potato bread is usually a light and airy bread, made in small round breads with potatoes or potato flour mixed with wheat flour, milk, eggs and yeast and then baked. Potato bread is a form of bread in which potato or potato flour replaces a portion of normal wheat flour. The history of the potato lantern is closely related to Irish soda bread (or soda farls) for several important reasons.

In addition to potatoes, the combination of ingredients and the methods of preparing bread may vary from country to country. It is believed that the first recipe was devised by Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a famous French pharmacist and farmer who promoted potatoes as “vegetables for the poor”. Strictly following the requirements of the potato bread recipe, the preparation of the bread begins with the preparation of the dough. A poor country discovered that potatoes and milk were a food nutritious enough to survive and that more potatoes could be grown per acre than any other crop.

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